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Product Release Alert - December, 2014

TY2015 Casino & Gaming Print Overlays

1099 Pro would like to make sure you are ready for January 1, 2015!

To Print Forms W-2G showing Tax Year "2015":

Corporate Suite Customers need to have run the latest update (2014.12.13) to add the Year 2015 in your Tax Year drop down menu.

1099 Pro Enterprise, 1099 Pro Professional, and 1042-S Pro customers should follow these instructions:

First, prior to 1/1/15, you'll want to create a brand new Filer in the 1099 Pro software.

  • Click on FILE in the upper left corner, then select FILERS LIST.
  • Click the ADD button at bottom to enter your Filer information exactly as it should appear on the forms.

    IMPORTANT: Enter "2015" in the Location Code field and make the Payer Code "2015."


    Then, starting 1/1/15, be sure to select your new filer with the Location Code & Payer Code of 2015.
    Enter all 2015 winnings to your new 2015 Filer and they will show "2015" when printed as long as the Box 4 DATE WON is in 2015.

    Important note:

    • Now your 2014 software has both 2014 & 2015 forms in it!
    • When filing with the IRS or any states, be sure that you do not file forms from your new 2015 filer.
    • Once next year's software is released, just create an export file in 1099 Pro 2014 which contains all of your 2015 W-2G's.
    • The export file will be formatted for seamless import into 1099 Pro 2015!

    To Print Forms 1099-Misc and 1042-S showing Tax Year "2015":

    First, follow the instructions above to create your new 2015 Filer in the 1099 Pro 2014 software.

    Then follow this link to download a ZIP file containing all required files and instructions: Print Overlays for 1099 Pro and 1042-S Pro.

    If you need any assistance, please call our Tech Support Line at 866 444-3559.


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