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1099 Pro Support

Administrative & Technical Support

1099 Pro provides many avenues of technical support for our valued customers. Use our online support options to find answers to common customer questions, to view Flash tutorials that cover common activities and to download software.

  • Technical Frequently Asked Questions

    In-depth support for 1099 Pro software and services.

  • Video Tutorials

    Learn how to perform common filing tasks with 1099 Pro software.

  • Software Updates, Documentation & Demo Downloads

    Use our downloads page to get product documentation, software updates, and free fully-functional demonstration software.

  • Pay Your Invoice Online

    Use our "Pay Invoice" page to search for and pay outstanding invoices online with your credit card.

  • IRS E-File Status (off-site link)

    This tools allow you to instantly check the status of an IRS upload on the FIRE site. You will be required to enter the IRS File Name given to you by the IRS.

  • IRS/SSA Extension Tool (off-site link)

    This tool allows you to request an Automatic 30-Day Filing Extension for eligible form types. 30-Day Filing Extensions are automatically approved and granted by the IRS. You will receive your IRS confirmation instantly as a printable PDF document.

  • Contacting Us

    Contact information for our sales department, service bureau and software/tax form ordering instructions.

  • Technical Support

    Contact information for our technical support department.

  • Sample Import Files

    Download current year sample import files and incorporate our header records into your import data. This ensures an easy, map-by-name import.

  • Filing Timeline

    Calendar important dates for tax reporting success!

  • Service Bureau Upload Scheduling

    Schedule upload appointments online (available in late October).